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B2B Portal- A Partnership, the Trader Can Only Win

B2Bs are fast becoming house hold names among international traders. The free memberships of these portals are used by most of the traders to learn about the functions as well as to initiate business. But choosing the right portal for availing premium B2B needs always confounded the trader. There are hundreds of B2Bs in the e-commerce arena which claim to provide business, yet do not provide proper services. However, the partnership with right B2Bs always yielded good results. Hence, it is worth taking a glance at the key ingredients required to be part of e-commerce.

1. As a rule of thumb, it is inevitable that one should become a free member of any B2B portal and should understand the features as well as the functionalities of these portals, before upgrading one’s membership.

2. B2Bs basically are based on ‘Trade Leads’. Trade Lead is an explanation of one’s product or service, perhaps with an image, extended to the market with an intention of buying or selling. Therefore, it is recommended to assure the relevant Trade Lead is available in the database of the portal, which one is desirous to be a premium member.

3. While signing up as a free member, one’s company profile should be with below details:

a) The criterion one selects should be correct. For example, if one is an exporter and selects an importer criterion, one’s profile will be in the importer section and therefore, when an importer searches for a related exporter, one’s profile cannot be seen by the importer since it is in not in the appropriate list. Hence, one cannot be contacted to do business.
b) Make sure that contact information provided is accurate.
c) The company description should be condensed and should have all the details pertaining to one’s business interest.
d) One should choose the appropriate sector/s painstakingly, to insure one’s company and Trade Lead to be listed in the relevant sector/s. Further same accuracy should be shown, if the portal has provided with sub-sectors.
e) Authenticity of the firm is enhanced by providing all the details including awards received, rating certification, etc.

4. It is ideal to ascertain the presence of related businesses in the database of the portal of your interest, to avoid any disappointment in generating business inquiries or even to make a contact. Suppose one wants to proceed even after not able to find related businesses, one should verify the business prospects by directly contacting the portal personnel.

5. Another important factor is one should make sure the portal is user-friendly. If it is not user-friendly, it is most unlikely to produce favorable results.

6. Insure the authenticity of contact address of the portal to avoid any fraud. Secured payment modes should be emphasized while making payments.

7. Top B2Bs will have interactive tools including Live Chat, Toll Free numbers, etc.; try to interact with these tools to guarantee that these functions are not mere decorations.

8. Check whether all the features are up to date.

9. Besides, the list of Trade Leads, Exporters, Importers; it would be ideal to go for a B2B which has lists of Transporters and International Services as well. Such a compilation can further minimize one’s endeavor in obtaining business.

10. It will be an added advantage if one looks for B2Bs which have collaborations with famous international organizations too.

In addition, it is highly recommended to utilize all the available features of the B2Bs to get best results.


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