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Developing Nations Follow Rich – Pile up Arms with New Lucre

on March 17, 2010 by admin in Africa News, ASEAN News, Asia Pacific Trade, Defence Supplies, Defense Supplies, Export News, Global Export News, Import News, Russia News, Saudi Arabia News, Comments Off

According to a new study, the emerging economies of Latin America as well as South Asia are amassing arms to improve their defence status with their new earnings delivered by globalization. In the past century if it was the advanced… Continue reading

Recession Impacted the UK Defence Exports despite Claims of No. 2 in 2008

on June 15, 2009 by admin in Defence Supplies, Defense Supplies, News, UK News, Comments Off

In spite of claims of second place in the world on defense equipment export for 2008 and a 17 percent share of the global market, Britain’s defense exports fell marginally over the last five years’ average of 21 percent. According… Continue reading

Defense Majors Plan to Foray into Indian Defense Market

on April 4, 2009 by admin in Business, Defense Supplies, Global Economy, Indian Airforce, Trade News, Uncategorized, Comments Off

The defense industry of the US gets a new business partner in the much touted candidate India. It comes in the form of India’s decision to buy six Lockheed Martin C-130J (Hercules) military transport planes for a cost of about… Continue reading