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Afghan Serendipity Exposes US Interests in Business of War

on June 15, 2010 by admin in Business, China Business News, Economy, Global Economy, India, India News, Opinion, Politics, Research, Review, Russia News, Saudi Arabia News, Trade News, US Business News, World Business, World Business News, Comments Off

It was always a mystery why most military powers constantly attempted to occupy often portrayed derelict Afghanistan, but with the latest discovery of the country being seated over more than $1tn precious mineral deposits lays it to rest instantly. According… Continue reading

Mosquito-feasting Plants May Well Be the Answer

on May 21, 2010 by admin in Africa News, Business, Miscellaneous, News, Research, Comments Off

A Ugandan scientific team is believed to have discovered an eco-friendly method to eradicate mosquitoes. The team headed by Prof. Jasper Okeng of the Pharmacology department of Makerere University is planning to use insect-eating plants to contain mosquito menace to… Continue reading