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Indo-Pak Ties – The Chokepoint for Indian Exports to Afghan

on July 19, 2010 by admin in Bilateral Trade, Export News, Indian Exports, News, Pakistan News, Politics, Trade Deals, Trade News, Comments Off

The trade treaty signed on Sunday between Pakistan and Afghanistan has become a major embarrassment to the visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the deal conspicuously disallows Indian exports to Afghanistan through Wagah border while permitting Afghani exports… Continue reading

US-Cuba May Hammer out a Deal Soon Despite Divergences

on April 27, 2010 by admin in Bilateral Trade, Economy, News, Saudi Arabia News, US Business News, World Business, Comments Off

The two events, the legislation passed by the US House of Representatives easing travel and trade restrictions and recent municipal election in Cuba suggest the US will end the 48yr-old embargo against Cuba despite public bickering between top government representatives… Continue reading

Haitians Sceptical about US Re-build Formula

on March 24, 2010 by admin in Haiti Economy, Trade Deals, Trade News, US Business News, World Business News, Comments Off

Most of Haiti‚Äôs population, who are left bereft of their loved ones and homes by the Jan 12 devastation of 7.2 magnitude earthquake is seemed to have woken up to the reality that everything happening in its country in the… Continue reading